txt: Changing Style

The point of skateboarding is to have a good time. We get older or don't have time to do big airs. So I wrote about some alternatives.
Jan 2019 / diffs / jay fink

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txt: Top10 Fave Waves

Over the last 8 years I have collected a decent amount of wave pics. Not all of them are great. I picked my favorite ten out of the mess.
Sep 2018 / top10 / jay fink

reader's choice So far the fave is: My Monster (surf & skate)


txt: WK State Forest

Been riding a lot at Winnie Kinnie state forest (ues that is actually the name) in north Haverhill, MA put together some words about the ride.
Aug 2018 / wksf / jay fink


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sessions video game trailer

vid: Sessions Video Game

Creature studios is working on what looks like a really good openish world skateboard video game using the unreal engine ... finally.
Jul 2018 / sessions / jay fink


txt: Ollie Shots

That title almost sounds dirty ... moving on ... interesting renditions and interesting places I have ollied over the years.
Mar 2018 / ollies / jay fink

a surfer

txt: EA Skate (& Others)

A look at the whys and what nots of some video games I like during recovery downtime and those shut in days.
Feb 2018 / games / jay fink

a surfer

txt: Troubled Waters I

Some sessions go from bad to worse to downright dangerous in a really short amount of time. Part I of weird surf troubles I've experienced.
Feb 2018 / troubles / jay fink


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Shredzilla Pic


2015 Manuelle ....

While obviously tresspassing. I was at an abandoned Lowe's loading dock having a grand ole time doing manuals, goofing off with the ledge and carving the pit.

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