Spotfinding: Boston

12 Nov 2017



The year was 2014 and as the pictures indicate - it was cold. I was staying in Boston for some reason (a conference or something? No idea) but one morning I really needed to get on it, so I did. I grabbed my shit and went for a stroll around where the swank (and it was swank) hotel was at. I'd already been to several of the big time Boston spots and honestly don't care. I tend to go for things that are within my reach or just look - different.

What is so bizzaro about these spots is how close they all are together. I am pretty sure, although I could be wrong, they are all on the same city wide block. The first two pictures are the same alleyway. The curb is small but the alley actually has a little ramp at the end coming in and the rest of it is at an incline meaning speed is easy to grind up onto the curb which I did a few times with marginal success (I kept hanging up).

Eventually a delivery truck showed up in that alley and I had to get lost not because anyone cared or anything but because there was no room left.


Around the Bend



The next two are also near each other in fact the one looking across the abandoned lot, I turned right and there was the jersey barrier. The lot was cool because if you look you can see a railroad tie lying near the fence. If the lot wasn't such a moon-surface looking wreck that railroad tie could be used for some fun. Unfortunately it was just too tore up for regular skate wheels to ride - if I'd some softies I might have tried monkeying with the railroad tie.

The picture to the right, what was interesting to me actually was not the jersey barrier, if you right click and view image, look at all the waviness of the cement where the pathway between the buildings starts. There is this small transition pocket in there that I was able to ride up on kickturn down and out through the pathway. It is definitely cool but for all I know isn't even there any more.



... and a stupid story


So this last one actually has a funny story to it. The perspective of this picture is way off, that alleyway is wicked steep. Even more fun where that white door is (that is the door that hotel employees use to come out and smoke the grit) has a little curb ledge that is graduated (my favorite kind). What I did not know was where it opens up at the bottom of the incline, well there was a little surprise.

I first worked with the little curb hop figuring out how fast I could go and where to jump off and not smack into the opposing wall but go down the alley ramp. I took about three runs at it until I figured I had it dialed in but I had not gone all the way out, I would stop right down near that red fire fixture. On run number four I hit it coming from the right at a 45 degree angle, zinged off the curb and barely leaned back - without hitting the opposing wall - and off I went barreling down the ramp. I blew out of the other side with the first surprise being either I go ahead and bug splat into the building if I stay on the sidewalk, smack into a pole or go off into the street which was cratered up. Obviously I had to bail which would have been fine if it weren't for the photo shoot going inside the building to my right. The windows were floor to ceiling and all these hot, young, women were at some kind of talent agency tryout - shoot thing.

They ALL LOOKED at me and I smiled because I knew, well fuck it this wasn't going to end well might as well look cool right before I screw up. I aimed for the empty street, flew off the curb and bailed at the same time. My board missed a parked beamer by half a foot and I did a shoulder roll right into the street. When I looked back at the shoot, I was already old news.

Stuff happens. Sometimes it is cool and sometimes you just end up looking like some idiot who should have walked out the damn thing before he rode it.