EA Skate Series (& others)

Feb 2018

Not a huge fan of shoot em up or otherwise murder-porn games. I don't care if other people are or are not just not my thing. What I am a fan of is the EA series of skateboard games and to a lesser extent (even though I don't do it) snowboarding video games. I was pretty skeptical and late to the skateboard video game thing but I decided to try it out and found it was a great way to hone my aging reaction skills and relax at the same time. Please note these are not reviews just what I like. If you like them, fantastic, if you don't, I could care less.

EA Skate 1

Skate 1 or just plain EA Skate was actually the second skateboard video game I ever bought. I still play it and still like it. There is something about not being able to ever step off the damn board and walk that makes it really interesting to me. In addition to the gameplay I really like the colors. I am a big fan of muted colors in general and blues-to-green in particular. If you have ever played EA Skate then you know I find it straight up pleasing just to look at let alone play. The only beef I have with it is how one has to complete stuff to access some of the cooler parks. It is far more difficult than any of the other skateboard games I mention here but that still doesn't take away the grungy street feel of it to me.


long carve


EA Skate 2

By far my favorite console game ever, period. Skate 2 has it all. A large expansive city one can push or walk through, grungy street feel (including whinos, trash, easily agitated citizens) and a hilarious opening/backstory. In fact the story is so rough I think some parents might have complained. Well, fuck em I still like to watch the opener every now and then. The mechanics of small skate are awesome and based on what I have observed kinda sorta accurate (including getting hung up and pitched on small cracks). The big stuff seems a bit far fetched but I am guessing it has to be or no one would ever complete the game. I did complete skate 2 and I found the challenge to be perfect. On top of all of that EA continued to use muted colors and maintain the grunginess of EA skate. My favorite thing in skate2? Getting cash from the Hall of Meat.


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EA Skate 3

Definitely the worst of the three, but still a good game, Skate 3 finally got drop ins right. Something missing from previous games. However, not being able to skate the whole city, the cleaner look and feel (as in no dirty streets or people) really took away from the experience for me. EA did do some add ons to sort of make up for it but they just don't cut the mustard for me. The mechanics I found almost identical to Skate 2. If a Skate 4 is ever made (I keep hearing there will be one then no, then yes, and so on) I would want the cleaned up gameplay of 3 with the settings similar to and expanded on in 2.



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Stoked Big Air Edition

This was actually my first ever sport video game. And I absolutely loved it. It has expansive maps, doable challenges and is fun. Stoked got me through a couple surgeries and snow ins (how iromic is that?). Mostly though I found it straight up fun and zero pressure to want to always try to beat the game. I did eventually but spent a lot of time going back and replaying my favorite terrain. Unfortunately I can no longer play it my 360 melted and it isn't out for the One or ps3 (yes I am still on a 3).


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Supported on ps3 I picked this up recently because I was getting burned out on skateboard games. See also: shitty weather keeping me locked up. This is a fun sort of insane game to me. There is just no frakn way anyone can do any of the things they show except maybe the carving stuff. The drops, jumping over volcano holes, ice carving ... but ... it is a lot of fun. It is just enough variety to keep me from skategame overload.