Top 10 Surf Pictures as of 2018

Sep 2018

Or perhaps a better way to put it is top 10 pictures that don't suck as much as the rest? It is important to note these are pictures I took sonce probably 2010 so don't expect this to be an annual thing. I would call it more like grasping for surf content because it has sucked rocks this year but that is me. Along with yeah these look cool is the where/when - but some of the wheres are not in detail to protect spots and my ass from getting kicked by locals.

Storm Surge in New Hampshire

The opening picture is either a storm surge or after full moon. It is by far one of the best pictures I ever snapped and a total fluke. The heavy processing is a result of google images getting a hold of it. I have since lost the original. Note the size and power of the surf, it was not an easy day to get out, and I don't recall having a particularly good time during that session - nevertheless the picture is outstanding.



A Peaceful Morning

Probably mu favorite conditions at the sea wall in Hampton, NH the picture is not actually a picture taken by me it is a chopped and lopped screenshot of a surf camera. One lone surfer heading out to catch little peaks in the early morning in 2012 I think.



Again with the Wall, 2016

I remember this quite clearly and it is an amazing shot. April of 2016 I caught one local going down the line on a nice crispy waist high wave at the Wall, NH.



Secret Spot

So that spot is one of those secret ones I have to protect. Although the waves were too small for me to bother that longboarder was having a good time out there. I think this was 2015 in the fall season. Cold and miserable unless one was surfing of course.



Winter of 2014-2015

I heavily processed this to accentuate how cold it was. The spot is northern Salisbury, MA. This is my favorite kind of wave at that spot not too huge, not too far out (deep water close in break) and clean. The rides are short but often insanely fast.



No Idea when...

Another secret spot which actually in this picture is not surfable, the waves were dumping right on a rock reef, I have no idea when I took this I was probably going by and saw some kind of swell so I took the shot. Straight up: it just looks nice.



OCMD 2017

For about a year or so I trekked out to Ocean City, MD and South Delaware to surf. This picture was likely taken when it was really cold out. I remember this well because I had been trying to surf a break south of this one and was getting my ass handed to me. Then I found this and it was easier for me to catch them.



Salisbury, MA

Or possibly Seabrook, NH I am not sure. No clue when I took it. What I thought was cool was the sense of scale with the surfer scrunched down on the right.



OCMD 2017

A long shot picture of OCMD surf in the winter (if it were even remotely warm there would be humans walking all over the place).



Indian River Inlet, DE Fall of 2017

An absolutely unbelievable day of surf on a part of the coast that is dedicated to surfing (the beach is surfing and fishing only for several miles). If you embiggen the picture close in on the break, those little specs of black around that crashing wedge are surfers.