Where You At?

Jul 2018

Not that there is much a following here but I have been busy with life. Personal jive, moving and making that money have interfered with writing. I also made the mistake of burning through a lot of material I had laying around really fast over the last few months. The net result is I have a lingering series to complete but otherwise not much new - yet.

I have moved back to New England. Specifically close to the coast around the MA/NH border. I don't know how long for but it was for work and personal reasons. One would think I would be hittin it left and right but the surf has been pretty flat since I moved into my place. I did find a new place to MTB prowl and when I collect up some pictures I will get down with the writing. Skating I haven't been doing much of because work/travel/arranging/whatever has been keeping me tired plus the weather has been less than cooperative. I like what I do but I am not up for dying of heat stroke to get those clicks.

Gotta make that money and my gig can be very demanding. I have another site over at systhread.net that has a few nuggets relating to my work. Speaking of which that is another mess. The TLD for systhead is expiring at some point and I don't see the point in carrying multiple domains anymore. I will probably fold that site into a subdomain here which will take a few weeks to get through. If you are a surfer/skater/biker and have no idea what any of that crap means just assume it is a lot of mind numbing stupid work.

I have at least one possibly two series here I would very much like to wrap up so I can square off for the upcoming fall recreational season. Generally from mid September until early November the New England scene explodes and there are some new opportunities for me to snap cool stuff and talk to cool folks. There is also website shit that needs doin, Amazon kicked my ass to the curb I didn't have enough people looking at product so for the time being I will be hiding all that stuff. So guess what, this shit is now all free with no plugs and no bullshit... until someone makes a better offer.

My scenes in general have actually cooled way down. I don't follow any particular people in the sporting side of it (or any side of it) nor has there been anything that I have done lately or observed that is worthy of dedicating time writing about. I guess dry spells come in all forms. Anyway, hopefully these words count for something and that something is stuff is quiet for the moment.