That picture is the founder and current sole owner/operator of Adriftmedia, LLC Jay Fink... that would be me. And this is the story of how this magazine came to be and what I hope it ends up becoming. If anyone has questions about the company, me, bricks and so forth feel free to contact me.

I have been an avid surfer, skater, mountain biker and sometimes day hiker since I was a kid which was ... awhile ago. A few years ago, partly due to circumstance and/or luck, I began to take a lot of short road trips either for my day job or because I was chasing a break, visiting a skate park, going hiking: whatever.

At the same time, again over the last few years, the places I have gone, stuff I have done and people I have met exploded exponentially. I literally can't remember all of them and I always wanted to share some of those gnarly experiences, awesome places and cool people I have met along the way. I will say it here, although it is repeated elsewhere, I never use real names without permission. The last part about wanting a record is... I will start forgetting stuff so getting it down now is a good idea (regardless of how).

Start a Zine


The Surfers Journal, Thrasher, MTBzine and a ton of other high quality pubs out there do a smashing good job. But they cost the reader and the creators a lot of money. And nothing against those publications but for me personally, and I am talking about me, a lot (not all) of what they cover is fantasyland. I can't get on a plane to Bali at the drop of a hat. I can barely get on one to Boston at the drop of a hat. Most of us don't have any sponsors (although I like to think I have gotten flow before) and we all have jobs, some of them soul sucking, that we have to get to. This pub is about the little trips, the regular yet far out people and cool little things we can all eek out in our spare time.

My Creds

Cred is a tricky thing because you as the reader just have to believe me. But I won't lie actually I will tell the brutal truths of it. Skateboarding I never really got particularly good at but I can ollie in place, I can mini ollie moving, I carve pretty good especially on banks I like those the most. I have dropped in on mini halfs. One of my favorite things to do on a skateboard is find a big sidewalk with a clean ledge and just fly off it as fast as I can. I am approaching middle age and I don't have the time to devote to becoming a ripper: but for my part I don't care because I simply enjoy it. Sometimes just going up and down bank ramps is all I need. I skated off and on until I was 22 or so then picked it back up at 37 so ... there was a mild gap. Mountain biking on actual dirt trails is something I took up recently. So I literally, barely, have any experience and as of 2017 am still learning about. I can do small jumps and go down pretty steep terrain so far. Surfing is a different story. I started body surfing at the age of ten in Rhode Island and I naturally progressed to body boarding at 19 then it was surfing a few months into that. I surfed off and on up until about 2003 or so and had to take a break until 2010ish. I have been given tubes, I have dropped down ten foot faces, I can do cutbacks, I have caught air (both on purpose and not) and am not bad at it but definitely not at athelete level. Nowadays my favorite kind of surf is just over head size. Fun size. I am not into the not trying to die scene anymore. So those are my creds. My goal is to have fun while getting out there and doing stuff. I don't care about being rad or anything, personally I think there is more to style than actual performance. But that is just me.

Day Job

Basically I am a Linux/*BSD(Unix) systems administrator with a little experience dealing with networking (some cisco/dell/hp switching) plus a fair amount of systems programming experience. If you don't know what that means, who cares. At the end of the day I am a systems and networking builder and coder as it relates to building and managing systems. I come from a long line of work-makers (my paternal heritage centers around carpentry, masonry that sort of thing) and I really enjoy it. I am not particularly great at my job but I don't suck either. What I am is reliable which I think is a great skill to have. It has also enabled me to do this stuff, they are related. I have an edge with server technology (I run my own server top to bottom) and being able to edit html directly helps with security (I do not rely on a CMS or even a database). I do use a lot of interesting tech to put all of this together and at some point (probably when I am desparate for content) I will write about some of those. If you really want to see the weird orbits I move in checkout my tech centered website systhread.net.