Mountain Bike Stuff


Mountain biking can be tricky for insanely long trips it probably is a good idea to bring a lot more than I usually do which isn't a whole lot. A pump, some tools, a helmet and gloves. What I probably should be carrying is some fix a flat. Oh and yeah of course I have a pump with an adapter.


The Stuff

The Bike

My first real MTB is a Diamondback Line. However I played around with some Trek ones too and really liked them. I only recently got back into it so I don't really call myself an expert what I do know is I had a checklist of sorts:

  • Disc brakes instead of pads, I read these are better
  • Quick release wheels, it makes loading them way easier for me
  • Simple gears, mine has one front the rest are in the back
  • Beginner to intermediate bike so it will last me awhile
  • Aluminum frame
  • Easy assembly

I will testify that the diamondback, if it is done through them, is insanely easy to assemble. I actually followed the online video and was done in five minutes. So why didn't I go local for the first one? I didn't want to get upsold. Next time, I definitely will go to a shop and custom order online through them so they can tune it proper. As it is I'll need to take in soon to get it tuned. So there is a con to ordering a MTB online.