Reach into the Stinkbag


It rarely happens but never hurts to have a little bit of this or a little bit of that stashed for skate sessions. Also if you're into lots of ramps or you like to fall more than the average skater there is always safety gear. For my part I usually have a skate tool, alternate wheels, clean bearings, used bearings, helmet and pads. Not too forget, what do I ride and tread? That is here too.

The Basics

Simple: Tool, Bearings, Wax:

Safety Gear

Wear it or not, your choice, I'm mostly a Triple 8 user:

The Rig

My goto deck is an 8 inch antihero with 139 Indy hollow trucks. I have no explanation why I like it so much other than it feels good under my feet. On the tarmac I ride soft 80a no names and spitfire hard duros for everything else. Shoes for now are van lows.

I also have a small and large real deck that I use for ollie practice and big stuff (or longboard style riding) respectively. Real and antihero fall under Deluxe Distribution but the shapes and materials are somewhat different. The ollie popper is a real renewal which was on purpose. I wanted to use recycled stuff since I wouldn't be riding it much. The larger 8.5 is the real lopro with the kevlar goop in between which makes it a bit more rigid (although personally I don't think it affects pop).