My Salty Scrodbag


If your an inland loser like me having the gear, especially for surfing, is an absolute essential. The other lovely part of being an inland loser is no surf stores - good luck finding dookie epoxy at a big box store. It ain't happening. So, enter the world wide wait and stuff I often buy. I am not going to get into specifics here because really, sites like Amazon have great reviews, but more of a what in general do I bring along? Well, that is a big list and it will definitely need updating from time to time but for now this is it.

Ding Repair

I bring two types of ding repair materials, one I call the dookie epoxy because when it is wet it feels like dog doodie. It is the gritty epoxy you put water on, then rub it together with this wax stuff on the outside and can fill in dings with it. It smells bad too. The other kind is more like clear epoxy that I use for pin holes, cracks and to seal the dookie epoxy. I do not bring sand paper with me, I wing it in the field and sand off the board when I get back to Echo Base. I have actually used all of these and they work great if you read the directions:

Parking Lot Shower Gear

Who hasn't needed to get naked on Route 1 and take a shower? I know I have, but the locals don't much appreciate it so I needed to get proper about. I bring a recycled water jug, changing mat, changing hoodie and as many towels as I remember to chuck into the back the yuppee urban assault vehicle as possible:

I haven't tried that portable shower thing yet. It looks cool though.


Yes I bring fins. I have a board that uses FCSII (easy in and out) but I have two fin sets, quad and thruster (it is a five slot). I lost some fins awhile ago so instead of finding a 5 set I liked (I tried insanely hard) I just broke down and got 2 sets. Anyway, I like both the ...Lost rebranded and straight up FCSII and futures (my other board uses futures) fins:

Scraper and Remover

Sometimes, ok almost all the time, wax likes to melt and run all over the place. It is especially awesome when the wax on the rails runs right down the underside of my surfboards. Good times. So when the scrud gets to be too much I always use a good recycled wax comb and a nice warm pickle: