sessions video game trailer

vid: Sessions Video Game

Creature studios is working on what looks like a really good openish world skateboard video game using the unreal engine ... finally.
Jul 2018 / sessions / jay fink

oct 30 delaware surf session 2017

vid: 102017 DE Session

Really not that great of a video but it is actually me. This is a cropped up collection of rides I got in October 2017 at Delaware.
Jan 2018 / seshvid / jay fink

video link

vid: Slo-mo Blow Up

2016 at Seabrook, NH. Looks bad but those conditions are close to my favorite. Near shore in deep water break and fast.
Dec 21, 2017 / the blowup / jay fink

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vid: Fun stair ride

Really old, really lame video, however, that is a wicled fun little stair ledge thingy. This was in 2012 or so I think.
Dec 04, 2017 / stairledge / jay fink

video link

vid: Grey Day Jay

Me catching small waist high waves somewhere in New Hampshire or was it north eastern Mass? I really don't remember (could be both).
Nov 06, 2017 / surfin / jay fink

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vid: Local Ripper

Local ripper tearing up an insanely small bowl at Hampton, NH park back in 2012. That was a great day, met a lot of really different people.
Oct 24, 2017 / shreddin / jay fink

jay fink backside slashing a wave

vid: Backside Lipsmash

Really old crufty video of me on small fun waves pulling a very fast carve then backside slash on the top of the lip.
Oct 13, 2017 / the vid / jay fink